Improve your bottom line with an Accounting Technician diploma

Accounting Technicians or administrative professionals with accounting knowledge are integral to any office setting. Not only do they have the skills needed to manage and perform office procedures, they can also perform basic accounting and bookkeeping. Employment opportunities exist for Accounting Technicians across many industries, in the private and public sectors and in organizations of all sizes.

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Program Highlights

The Robertson College Accounting Technician diploma program will help you develop proficiency as an entry-level accounting professional with courses covering accounting fundamentals, key business skills, and popular computerized accounting software.

  • Learn manual bookkeeping and accounting processes and how to prepare financial statements, budgets, and financial records
  • Learn to use computerized accounting software including Quickbooks and Sage50
  • Develop your keyboarding and basic computer skills
  • Gain essential administrative and support skills to ensure the smooth operation of any office
  • Develop written and oral business communications skills

Accounting Technician Program Practicum

At the end of the program, students will participate in a 4-week practicum to gain valuable work experience before graduation.

Topics of Study Include:

  • Administrative Office Procedures - 20 hours

    This course introduces students to common office procedures. Topics such as human relations; organization structure and office layout; office technology; front-line reception; aspects of business communication specific to the office professional; and record keeping are covered.

  • MS Office Applications - 80 hours

    This course will prepare students to perform functions common to all Microsoft Windows applications. Elements include the ability to create and manipulate Word, Excel, or PowerPoint applications, modify the display of toolbars and other on-screen elements, use online help, and perform file management, editing, formatting and printing functions common to most Windows applications.

  • Keyboarding - 20 hours

    In this course, students will understand how to use a keyboard properly, and develop greater keyboarding speed and accuracy.

  • Business Communications - 60 hours

    This course teaches students the essential skills for basic business writing and professional interaction.  This course also emphasizes the role technology plays in the work place to enhance communication.

  • Customer Service - 20 hours

    This course provides a foundation for customer service, and focuses on building life-long customer relationships through the development of positive customer care approaches. 

  • Career Preparation - 40 hours

    In this course, students will be introduced to strategies for a successful job search, interview and career management.

  • Bookkeeping - 80 Hours

    This course introduces basic bookkeeping practices and procedures. Students will gain experience with typical bookkeeping functions including recording journal entries, posting to ledgers, and preparing a variety of statements.

  • Financial Accounting - 80 hours

    The aim of this accounting course is to familiarize students with basic accounting terms, basic accounting tools and preliminary accounting processes.

  • Quickbooks Accounting - 60 hours

    The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student to one of the most commonly used accounting software. This course utilizes a diversity of companies, business situations and realistic source documents to simulate “real” accounting transactions.  Understanding how accounting software processes accounting transactions combined with the student’s knowledge of fundamental accounting principles will create competency of using QuickBooks in the workplace.

  • Sage 50 Accounting - 60 hours

    This course is designed to introduce learners to the popular Sage 50 computerized accounting software that many small to medium sized businesses use today. 

  • Introduction to Human Resources - 20 hours

    This course provides a general overview of the human resource functions that assist an organization deliver value through proper management of the employee life cycle.

  • Excel for Accounting - 20 hours

    This course teaches students to streamline repetitive tasks and display spreadsheet data in more visually effective ways using more of Excel’s built-in functions to perform complex calculations.  Students learn to create charts, use graphics and develop data management skills in an Excel spreadsheet.

what you could be earning in less than one year$26,000 - $36,920wage data taken from:
program duration32 Weeks
  • This program is eligible for the Student Laptop program. Students will receive a laptop computer for them to use for the duration of their program
  • Financial assistance is available to those who qualify

Career Opportunities

Graduates are qualified to work across many different industries, in the private and public sectors and in organizations of all sizes.

  • Administrative Professional
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable Administrator
  • Accounting Clerk
  • Bookkeeping Clerk
  • Receptionist

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