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Why is it so hard to advance or change my career?

It’s never too late to learn new skills to advance your career or to change career paths altogether. If you’re not happy, you deserve the opportunity to pursue something else—no matter what that means.

For most, this is going to mean returning to school. While going back to school after you’ve been out of school for a while will likely present a few obstacles, the real challenges to a career change or upgrade usually reside in your own mind.

Here are some of the common misconceptions we hear at Robertson, that keep people from pursuing their dream job.

It’s too late for me to change careers/start a new career
Quite often prospective students feel that it is too late for them to even consider advancing their careers or beginning a new career altogether. It’s not, and in today’s day and age it’s very common for people of all ages and career paths to explore different career options. At Robertson, we see people from all walks of life and at various stages in their careers, exploring options for something new. The world is changing and without changing your perception of what you are capable of, you’ll never make a successful career change.

I don’t want to have to start from the bottom
Prospective students often feel that when they beginning a new career means starting from the bottom of the ladder. Not necessarily. You’re not unskilled. By attending school and through your training, you’ve gained an impressive array of skills and have the experience acquired only through focused learning. So, despite starting a new job at a new company, this doesn’t mean your dream job is entry level. All students at Robertson have access to our Career Services team who are there to assist you in marketing your experience and assets in your next interview, which will help you position your experience appropriately.

I’m too old or too inexperienced for this
Says who? Of course there will be a learning curve to any new career you try. But isn’t having a new professional challenge part of why you seek this change? At Robertson, our goal is to help our students find a career that taps into their interests and their strengths. As for the aspects of the job that may intimidate you (such as becoming tech savvy), accept that getting proficient in these skills may be frustrating and difficult at times, but it’s a part of a much bigger journey of success.

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