Psychologist Job Demand in Canada: Are Psychologists in Demand in Canada?

There are plenty of in-demand careers in Canada but research shows there’s a current psychologist job demand. We’ll tell you all about what a psychologist’s job involves, how much they make and even how Robertson College can help get you there. Read along to see if this could be the right career path for you. 


Psychologist job description

Psychologists are a commonly known profession. Most people have heard of them, many people have even visited a psychologist at some point in their life. However, it is not uncommon for people to be unsure of what psychologists actually do. 

Psychologists observe an individual’s cognitive, emotional and social processes. They then interpret how they may be able to relate to one another and their environments. 

They do all this by using a variety of psychological tests to help them assess an individual and provide a diagnosis in some cases. Once the tests are complete, the psychologist creates a treatment plan that will help the individual overcome or cope with what they’re struggling with. Ultimately, psychologists are here to support their patients and help them become their best selves. 

Individuals who are struggling to overcome a problem that may relate to a mental illness or a mental disorder often visit a psychologist. 


What is a clinical psychologist’s salary in Canada?

The psychologist’s salary can vary depending on experience or workplace, however, the median salary as of 2019 was $80,370 with an hourly wage of $38.64. The salary of a psychologist may also vary based on the type of psychologist they are. Some of the most well-known psychologists are clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists and neuropsychologists.


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Highest Paying Psychology Jobs


Counselling Psychologist Salary in Canada

Counselling psychologists in Canada work with patients to improve their mental and emotional health. They provide their patients with therapy sessions where they can provide their psychological techniques. They have quite a wide range in terms of salary, ranging from $29-$36 per hour and a salary that ranges from $43k to $173k each year. This is all determined by the experience, location, level of education and specialization that each psychologist can bring to the table.


Neuropsychology Salary in Canada

Neuropsychologists are a very specialized type of psychologist as they are focused on the physical brain, how it’s structured and how behaviours and emotions may relate to the physical features. For this reason, their average hourly rate is much higher than other psychologists at $50 per hour. Their salary is at an average of $91k per year, but may also range between $67k to $121k per year, depending on their experience and level of education.


Clinical Psychology Salary in Canada

Clinical psychologists work with patients to help to evaluate and provide a treatment plan which then helps to diagnose an individual’s psychological problems. Once this diagnosis is made, they can begin to create a treatment plan which can help address the problems one may be having such as depression or anxiety. Their salary is at an average of $78k per year, ranging from $50k to $209k per year. This is determined by experience and how many patients they may have.


Where do psychologists work?

A psychologist’s work environment can vary quite greatly. Unlike some positions where you typically work in a very specific field and location, psychologists have opportunities to practice in many, sometimes unexpected, places. 



If you are more of an independent worker who prefers working for yourself and being your own boss, becoming a psychologist may be a great option for you. Independent psychologists may conduct research, provide consultations for clients or work with patients in their own private practice. 


Healthcare Field

Perhaps one of the most well-known workplaces of psychologists is in the healthcare sector. This includes working in hospitals or doctor’s office settings, both with physicians and social workers as well as directly seeing patients. This also includes their own office settings where they host appointments with their patients. 


School Setting

Much like the healthcare environment, when psychologists work in the school setting they working directly with patients and interact with students, teachers, parents and other educators. 


How to become a psychologist in Canada

A career as a psychologist is very rewarding, however, it does require a lot of work to get there. Psychologists require lots of education, beginning with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. After this initial degree, you’ll also need to go to graduate school to obtain your master’s and in some cases, a doctoral degree. 

Once you have completed the required education, you must complete your licensing which often includes an internship, examinations, and in some cases, continuing education which includes taking courses to stay up to date with new studies. 


Is there a demand for psychologists in Canada?

If you’re still interested in becoming a psychologist, there is great news for you. According to the Government of Canada Job Bank, 70% of provinces across the country have a good rating of psychologist job prospects. The other 30% still has a fair rating, meaning that even if there is not an abundance of opportunities, they still have some to offer.


How Robertson College can help you get there

While we don’t offer undergraduate programs at Robertson, we do offer other programs within the healthcare sector which can give you the hands-on medical experience you may be looking for. Some of our most popular programs are Massage Therapy and Nursing Assistant

If what you’re more interested in is the social aspect of communicating with someone to help them, then you may be more interested in our School of Community Services, working as a Community Support Worker or an Early Childhood Educator. 

If you have any questions about virtual learning and our online programs, reach out to our Student Admissions Advisors. Simply fill out the form with your question and they’ll reach out to you with the information you need to help you get started on your career journey.

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