The 13 Best Schools for Computer Science in Canada in 2024

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Some of the best schools for computer science in Canada include the University of Waterloo, McGill, Robertson College, University of Toronto, and more.

Some of the best schools for computer science are in Canada. That’s probably why we’re home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world, including Shopify and Constellation Software Inc. 

Computer Science students want a school with in-demand programs and an up-to-date curriculum. But studying in Canada means more than just going to school. Many of the best schools are located in exciting cities full of culture and opportunities.

People who study Computer Science in Canada can have fantastic careers. With Canada serving as a home to major tech hubs like Waterloo, Toronto, Calgary, and more, Computer Programmers and Software Engineers have excellent job prospects across the country.

There are many exciting career paths for people with a Computer Science education and many schools to pick from. That’s why we’re sharing the top 13 schools in Canada. Discover advanced research facilities, theoretical Master Programs, and Colleges that can start your career fast.

The 13 Best Schools for Computer Science in Canada 

  1. Robertson College 
  2. Fanshawe College 
  3. George Brown College 
  4. Humber College 
  5. McGill University 
  6. Conestoga College
  7. Seneca Polytechnic 
  8. Simon Fraser University 
  9. University of Alberta
  10. University of British Columbia 
  11. University of Calgary 
  12. University of Toronto 
  13. University of Waterloo

We created a list highlighting the diverse range of Computer Science Programs in Canada. This list is great for all students looking for everything from job training to Postgraduate research opportunities.

The best schools for computer science in Canada offer in-demand programs, access to resources, supportive staff, and job-training opportunities. Many featured on this list provide great programs and resources for computer science students.

Our list will help you make an informed decision to enter the growing industry of Canadian Computer Science.

1. Robertson College

Best for Starting a Computer Science Career

The Robertson College School of Technology offers industry-focused Computer Science Programs. You can fast-track your career and earn a Diploma within a year. 

Robertson College has a campus in the tech hub of Calgary, but all our Technology Courses are fully online. This means students can enjoy a flexible learning experience with the full support of instructors.

Diploma Programs include:

  • Computer Support Technician
  • Cyber and Cloud Security
  • Data Analyst
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Network Security Technician
  • Software Tester


Alongside instructor-guided courses, students gain real-world experience through work placement. Students work with the Practicum team to get placed in a real work environment with trained professionals. This gives graduates the real job experience they need to get hired.

Robertson College values the current and future careers of students. That’s why students can earn their Diploma while maintaining a part-time or full-time job. 

Additionally, most Robertson programs include a mandatory practicum placement, which provides learners the chance to hone their skills through real-world, hands-on experience while they study –– and having work experience on your resume as a graduate can help offer a competitive edge while pursuing a career in information technology (IT).

Best of all, our support doesn’t end when you graduate. Robertson’s Career Services team helps students build resumes, apply for jobs, and more after they graduate.

Average Tuition: $

Best Features:

  • Fully online and flexible learning
  • Diplomas for growing industries
  • Practicum placements
  • Career support

2. Fanshawe College 

Best Post-Graduate Certifications

Fanshawe’s School of Information Technology campus is located in London, Ontario. It offers a range of Certificates perfect for educated professionals looking to upgrade their existing skills. 

Certificates are available for subjects like: 

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (International exclusive)
  • Health Systems Management
  • Game Development (Advanced)
  • Mobile Application Development


This is a great school for Canadian graduates who want to gain skills for new and growing industries. Some Post-Graduate Programs have co-op opportunities for students seeking practical work experience. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are exclusive to international students but will be open to Canadian students in the future.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features: 

  • Post-grad Certificates
  • International exclusive programs
  • Co-op opportunities

3. George Brown College 

Best Blockchain Certificate

George Brown College’s School of Computer Technology is located in Toronto, Ontario. This is an excellent choice for students who want to study computer science in a lively city. 

The George Brown School of Computer Technology offers:

  • Diplomas
  • Advanced Diplomas
  • Postgraduate Certificates.


Students may complete Diploma Programs within two to three years. For flexibility, George Brown offers all their Diploma Programs online. In-person Certificate Programs are available for exciting new fields like Blockchain, Cloud Development, and more.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features: 

  • Blockchain Certificate
  • Online Diplomas (2-3 years)
  • Downtown Toronto campus


4. Humber College 

Best Cloud Computing Certificate

Humber College’s Faculty of Applied Sciences & Technology is located in Toronto, Ontario. They offer over 40 programs on various subjects, not just Computer Science. Students can earn Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, and Honours Degrees.

Some of their Certificate Programs include:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Information Technology Solutions
  • Wireless Telecommunications


Depending on their program, students can access some great resources and get hands-on experience with technology labs. In addition, they offer many global opportunities for experience-focused learning. Students can study abroad for semesters, summers, and more.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features:

  • Cloud Computing Certificate
  • Technology labs
  • Global learning opportunities

5. McGill University 

Best Fast-Track to a Masters of Science

The McGill School of Computer Science is located in the multicultural city of Montréal, Québec. The school is English-speaking, so students don’t need to speak French to learn here. This school offers the best of both worlds for those who want to learn French.

The McGill School Of Computer Science offers Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Students can minor in Computer Science while pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree. 

Undergraduate Programs for studying Computer Science include:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering


McGill also offers a range of Masters of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs. Undergraduates can even fast-track their MSc through a special program. This school is great for ambitious students who want a deep understanding of Computer Science.

Average Tuition: $$$

Best Features: 

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Programs
  • Masters of Science Fast Track Program
  • Annual Tech Fair

6. Conestoga College 

Best Co-Op Programs

The School of Applied Computer Science and Information Technology is located in the Waterloo Region of Ontario. This region is also known as the Silicon Valley North due to the number of tech companies nearby.

Students at the school can earn:

  • Diplomas (two years)
  • Advanced Diplomas (three years)
  • Graduate Certificates (one year)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science Honours Degree (four years)


Degree students enjoy multidisciplinary learning and three paid co-op work opportunities. Graduate Certificate Programs have optional co-op programs, depending on the student’s wishes. This means students have many opportunities to get hands-on experience doing work they enjoy.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features:

  • Co-op programs
  • Study in the Waterloo region
  • A range of timeframes for study

7. Seneca Polytechnic 

Best Honours Bachelor Degrees

This multi-campus college has locations located throughout the Greater Toronto area and beyond, each with academic specialties. The Seneca School of Software Design & Data Science offers several programs, including Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Degrees, and Graduate Certificates. Areas of study range from Business Analytics to Advanced Computer Programming.

Four-year Degree Programs include: 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering)
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Business Technology Management 
  • Honours Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics
  • Honours Bachelor of Technology – Software Development


Many of Seneca’s programs are offered in a hybrid format, meaning students can enjoy some flexibility in how they learn. This gives students access to technology and learning spaces.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features: 

  • Honours Bachelor Degrees
  • Innovative learning spaces
  • Hybrid Programs

8. Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Best Dual Degree Program

The Simon Fraser University School of Computing Science is located on Canada’s west coast in beautiful British Columbia. The campus is in Burnaby, a short drive from the bustling city of Vancouver — a multicultural city and a popular film and television production destination.

Undergraduate Degree Programs include: 

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Arts


Students can sculpt their education and pursue the subjects that interest them most. SFU’s Degree Programs provide options for Honours, joint majors, Dual Degrees, minors, and Second Degrees.

The Dual Degree program is a unique opportunity for students to study in China through Zhejiang University. Dual Degree students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Canada and a Master of Finance in Financial Technology in China.

Average Tuition: $$$$

Best Features: 

  • Dual Degree program
  • Beautiful location
  • Co-op programs

9. University of Alberta 

Best Interdisciplinary Degree Program

The University of Alberta Department of Computing Science is another west coast school where natural beauty surrounds the campus. Established in Edmonton in 1908, they have a reputation for excellence in education.

The school offers Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Computing Science. They also offer a Certificate in Computer Game Development in conjunction with the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Science.

Undergraduate Degree Programs include:

  • Bachelor of Science (Specialization)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Science (General)


Students can take a multidisciplinary approach to Computer Science to gain a well-rounded skill set. Students can enroll in the Faculty of their choice and pursue their Degree through a Department of their choice. This is a great option for ambitious students who know how they like to learn.

Average Tuition: $$$

Best Features: 

  • Interdisciplinary Degree Program
  • Computer Game Development Certificate
  • Science Internship Program

10. University of British Columbia (UBC) 

Best Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Department of Computer Science is renowned for its research. The Department of Computer Science actively supports interdisciplinary research, making it an excellent school for advanced students who want a multidisciplinary program.

Undergraduate Computer Science majors include:

  • Computer Science Major in the Faculty of Science (BSc)
  • Computer Science Major in the Faculty of Arts (BA)
  • Combined Major Specializations (BSc)
  • Combined Major in Business and Computer Science (BCom BUCS)
  • Cognitive Systems Program


Alongside Undergraduate Degrees, students can level up their degrees with Masters and Ph.D. programs taught by experienced staff. Students looking to make waves in their field will benefit from various mentorship, co-op, and volunteer programs.

Average Tuition: $$$$

Best Features: 

  • Master and Ph.D. programs
  • Research opportunities
  • Mentor programs

11. University of Calgary 

Best Advanced Theoretical Programs

The University of Calgary’s Department of Computer Science is a top choice for theoretical-minded students. They offer plenty of research opportunities and thesis-based programs.

Full-time Thesis-based Programs include:

  • Doctoral (Ph.D.)
  • Master’s (MSc)
  • Master’s (MSc) (Interdisciplinary)


The University of Calgary offers notable student support. For example, the Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) allows students to work with advisors, attend events, and more. Graduate Programs can earn advanced students Master’s Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates. These programs offer different specializations in Data Science and Analytics with the support of expert staff.

Average Tuition: $$$

Best Features: 

  • Thesis-based Programs
  • Undergraduate Science Centre
  • Research opportunities

12. University of Toronto 

Best Research Groups

The University of Toronto Department of Computer Science is located in multiple buildings on George Street and College Road. They have a long history of Computer Science research, which is why it’s a very competitive school. 

Undergraduate Degree options include:

  • Computer Science (Minor)
  • Computer Science (Major)
  • Computer Science (Specialist)


Hopeful students need to meet certain requirements to enter into the Computer Science admission category. Undergraduates majoring or specializing in Computer Science can choose Focus areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Scientific Computing, and more.

This is another great school for advanced Undergraduate research. The Computer Science Department collaborates with many other Departments in the University. Their research groups dive into Robotics, Social Networks, and many other unique subjects.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features: 

  • Research facilities
  • Competitive programs
  • Inter-department collaborations

13. University of Waterloo

Best Graduate Work and Research 

Another school located in ‘Silicon Valley North’ is the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science (University of Waterloo). The department has a large faculty that supports advanced research and Graduate work. Students can earn Computer Science Degrees and choose areas for specialization.

Undergraduate Computer Science students can specialize in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Bioinformatics


One of the most impressive aspects of the school is its approach to intellectual rights. Graduates get to own their research instead of the University. It’s a unique approach that separates them from the rest.

Average Tuition: $$$$$

Best Features: 

  • Intellectual property policy 
  • Computer Science Degrees
  • Specialization opportunities

Is Canada a Good Place to Study Computer Science?

Canada is a great place to study computer science. Many world-renowned schools are offering a wide variety of Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates. Many of these schools offer co-ops and practicums, which means students get hands-on work experience.

Canada is home to some of the biggest names in tech, including Google, Amazon, and more. The Waterloo region is known as ‘Silicon Valley North’ because of its large cluster of tech companies.

How Much Does a 4-Year Computer Science Degree Cost in Canada?

There are many cost factors when studying for a Degree in Canada. On average, the cost of tuition in Canada for national students is $27,336 per four years (eight semesters) for Undergraduate programs and $29,748 per four years for Graduate programs.

Other annual costs for post-secondary education include: 

  • Housing: $4,800-$18,000
  • Food: $4,000+
  • Books: $1,000-$1,600
  • Transportation: $960-$1,440


It all depends on where you study in Canada, your school, and how often you work. That’s why finding a school that can give you the education and skills you need to start your career is important.

Where Is the Best School to Study Computer Science?

The best school to study computer science in Canada is different for everybody. Graduate students pursuing research may want to consider a University with advanced research facilities. Depending on their area of expertise, there can be a few options.

Robertson College is ideal for people who want a career-focused computer science education. We want you to get the training, skills, and experience you need to get hired. That’s why our Graduates can rely on the support of our Workforce Team in applying for jobs, preparing resumes, and more.

Start your Computer Science career with a Diploma from The Robertson College School of Technology.

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