8 Leading Information Technology (IT) Jobs in Canada [2024]

IT Jobs in Demand in Canada 2020

IT offers a diverse range of work, competitive salaries and a wealth of available jobs and opportunities. There is no better time to start a career in information technology.  From Software Developer to Technical Support Specialist, we cover the eight IT jobs most in demand in Canada and the training, skills and experience you need to land them. 

Since our world relies more and more on technology, IT (information technology) jobs are no longer just for tech start-ups and cable companies. Virtually every industry from fast food to fashion relies on technology to make their business work.

Below, we’ve outlined the top jobs in tech along with the training, experience and skills you need to land them. From Software Developer to Technical Support Specialist, the following IT jobs are in high demand in Canada and the rest of the world. As our dependence on technology grows, so does the need for these specialized positions. 

1. Developer/Programmer

Salary range: $48,000-$89,000

The role of a Software Developer or Programmer is exactly as it sounds—they are responsible for developing new or managing existing software products and programs. Working closely with designers and analysts, they apply fundamental programming concepts to write software programs. Developers and programmers may work with a number of software programs including Java, Python, .net, C#, C, Sybase and Oracle.

Technical training in software engineering, web programming and development, computer science or mathematics is recommended for individuals looking to start a career in software developing and programming.

Our Full Stack Web Developer diploma program is a great place to start if you’re interested in a development role. We’ll teach you how to use the latest development languages and platforms to build comprehensive web solutions. You’ll experience the entire lifecycle of an application from concept to final product delivery and ongoing maintenance. After completing the 37-week program, you’ll have the skills to develop dynamic web applications and APIs as well as design, build and maintain databases. The program is based on a foundational knowledge of front-end development, server-side programming, testing, database systems and user experience design. 

2. IT Project Manager

Salary range: $52,000–$111,000 

As an IT Project Manager, you’d be in charge of overseeing a team of developers, analysts, designers and engineers to ensure IT projects are completed on time and up to industry standard. Project managers help take a project all the way from the initiating process to planning, executing, controlling and closing.  IT project managers should have a solid technological understanding, strong communication skills and experience managing a team. Formal education tracks for IT project managers may include management, business and business administration, computer science and engineering. 

Our 6-week Project Management Online Certificate is perfect for experienced students who want to advance their careers and upgrade their skills. The course teaches an overview of key concepts in project management and prepares students to take the CAPM exam through PMI©.

3. Quality Assurance Analyst

Salary range: $33,000-$84,000

When you hear Quality Assurance Analyst, you might picture Creed Bratton from NBC’s The Office. It seems viewers are never entirely sure what exactly it is that he does. 

Quality assurance analysts test websites and software for potential risks, problems, and malfunctions. They often play the role of the user, trying out new software before release to ensure the product is user-friendly and runs smoothly during application. As a Quality Assurance Analyst, tasks can be tedious and detail-oriented, so it’s important to be familiar with technology, software and have a sharp attention to detail. 

Quality assurance analysts typically come from an information technology background, although customer service and communications experience are also valuable for this role. 

4. Data Analyst

Salary range: $43,000-$67,000

In a time when data is readily available in almost everything we do—from smartphones to our Internet activity to the GPS in our car—the demand for collecting and analyzing data is greatly increasing. A Data Analyst must understand how to collect and read large amounts of data, look for patterns, reach conclusions and provide valuable insight for companies in a number of industries.  

As a Data Analyst, you must be able to summarize large amounts of data into clear, concise reports for companies or organizations to utilize. Often this data focuses on user activity and information which can be incredibly valuable for a company wishing to learn more about customer behaviour and trends. Analysts work with data-collecting systems such as Microsoft Excel, SQL and Google Analytics and must understand how to efficiently read data then strategize based on their findings. Robertson College offers an intro to data analysis,  In this course, students will learn what data analysis is and will learn about basic trends in data analysis. They will also be introduced to the data analysis process and its importance in helping a business makes informed decisions.

5. IT Business Analyst

Salary range: $38,200-$74,000

IT business analysts are well versed in both business administration and information technology. They are often the liaison between the IT department and other areas of a company and aim to improve overall business by finding the right software and technology services. The IT Business Analyst’s main concern is addressing business needs and using technology to solve problems.

A strong background in business administration or marketing is useful for a career as an IT Business Analyst, as is a solid understanding in technologies and software. 

6. Senior Software Engineer

Salary range: $78,000-$130,00

Similar to a Developer or Programmer, a Senior Software Engineer is tasked with developing new or managing existing software products. Having previous positions in software development and experience seeing projects through the lifecycle, the Senior Software Engineer often acts as the technical lead on a project, overseeing a team of developers and designers. 

Along with technical knowledge, the Senior Software Engineer should have strong communication skills, innovative solutions and experience managing a team. If you’re looking for training to prepare you for the role, consider a degree in computer science or a related field. Previous work experience as an engineer, manager, developer or programmer is also extremely beneficial. 

7. Network Administrator

Salary range: $43,000-$78,000

Network administrators are responsible for monitoring a company’s internal and external servers and ensuring everything runs smoothly for both customers and employees. There can be hundreds of employees working within the same network at any given time, so making sure connections are fast, secure and without issue is foundationally important for getting work done in any office or industry. 

Network administrators are often the experts fixing problems behind the scenes. They require a very technical mind with extensive knowledge in troubleshooting a wide range of IT problems. Technical training combined with experience with a broad scope of networks and servers is crucial for a successful career as a Network Administrator. 

Our Network Systems Administrator diploma program teaches students the basic concepts of computer hardware and operation, network security concerns and provides them with a deeper understanding of Windows Client Configuration, Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco. It’s the perfect program to prepare you for a career as a Network Administrator. 

8. Technical Support Specialist 

Salary range: $29,700-$71,000

Technical support specialists provide assistance to customers having issues with software products and applications. Although they work in a client-facing role, they also need exceptional knowledge of computer hardware and systems.  Technical support specialists are problem solvers with a great attention to detail and a knack for dreaming up creative solutions. They must have strong listening skills and clear communication abilities. A background in customer service is a huge advantage for this position. 

If you take our Computer Support Technician program at our School of Technology, you’ll learn the tech support skills needed to assist a variety of customers, clients and organizations. The program provides a general knowledge of computer hardware, operating systems, software and network operation and will help you develop skills in troubleshooting, problem solving and customer service.

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As more businesses turn digital and society’s reliance on technology deepens, tech developers, analysts, and specialists will soon be a crucial part of every company and organization. From developing entirely new software programs to troubleshooting and maintaining existing networks, a career in information technology is a challenging yet rewarding path. 

If you’re interested in the world of IT, consider doing your training through our School of Technology or School of Business. We’ll equip you with the proper skills and experience needed for a number of specialized positions so you can hit the ground running in your tech career. 



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